Acquisition process

From the analysis of your buying potential to the final transfer of funds, you can count on us!

DL MoneyPark is here to advise and guide you through all of the steps in the acquisition process

Determining your buying potential

We recommend that you get in touch with DL as early on in the process as possible. The first step in transforming your dream into a reality sets the foundation for your acquisition. We will need to define your purchasing possibilities and consider the financing options available. Thus, we will discuss the purchasing price, the selection of personal equity, and possible tax optimisation. If the personal equity contribution needs to come from a retirement fund, whether private or professional, we suggest that you consider your pension fund as you plan your approach. This is why DL MoneyPark makes sure to fully understand your retirement situation. With this information, you will be able to narrow your search and focus on properties that suit you best.

Step 1 : Your first consultation with DL

The first meeting in our office will allow us to create a detailed profile of your situation and to give you the information that you need to move forward with your plan.

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Finding a property

Your budget has been determined. You are now able to consider practical criterias such as location, proximity to public transport, schools, commodities and even potential nuisances. The obvious goal is to not regret your purchase and above all, to maximize the return on your investment should you choose to sell. With this in mind, it's often a gut feeling about a place that wins your heart in the end.

Making a reservation

Once you have found your pearl and made your purchase decision, don't waste any time. If a simple oral agreement between the buyer and seller is enough, the property reservation is often in written form and involves the transfer of a downpayment. If you do not yet have a definite agreement with a financial insitution, it is important that you make this reservation under the condition that you obtain financing. This protects you from losing your downpayment if your credit is refused.

Thanks to our experience and relationships with financial institutions, your DL MoneyPark consultant will be able to obtain a financial agreement for you as quickly as possible, just as they were able to provide you with a financial analysis.

Please note that even if the qualifying conditions are met, the lender's estimation of the real estate's value could still potentially pose a problem.

Requesting financing

Now you will need to gather a complete file which should include all of the documents relating to your financial situation. This will allow you to submit a specific request for the personal equity you would like to use and to consider all of your options for tax optimization.

Step 2 : Financing

DL will walk you through all of your financing options and then submit financing requests to the institutions of your choice from the list of those who are able to offer you the most favourable conditions.

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Choosing a mortgage

At this point, you should choose the type of rate, the duration, the loan division, and the tax strategy. DL MoneyPark will conduct a detailed study to help you choose the financial plan best suited to your situation.

Finalising your property acquisition

Finally, we will handle the last administrative steps in the transfer of funds and accompany you all the way to the notary's office. Now is the time to sign the loan and amortisation contracts. You will receive a copy of all correspondance to guarantee that the fund transfer goes smoothly (all notary correspondance relating to funds and restriction of rights to alienate, correspondace with pension offices for forms pertaining to withdrawal and collateral requests, coordination with financial institutions, etc.).

Step 3 : Closing the purchase

DL will take care of all administrative aspects and coordinate the final transfer of funds.

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