Be sure to get the best financing!


Be sure to get the best financing!

Do you want to acquire an investment property ?

We are able to offer you our complete and personalised approach: a detailed study of your plan, feasability analysis, profitability report, financing strategy (for personal or business purchases), negotiation of best rates, tax optimisation, legal advice, and administrative management.

We are here to accompany and advise you all the way to the closing of your purchase.

Find the right partner with the best rates

Thanks to our privileged relationships with financial institutions and the high volume of mortgage loans that we generate, DL MoneyPark is fully able to guide you toward the financial partner best suited to your profile and to negotiate the most attractive rates on the market.


Our services

Step 1 : Analysis of your plan

Our analyses are designed to:

  • Estimate the value of the property
  • Determine the optimal amount of financing
  • Evaluate the net return on personal equity after taxes
  • Plan for taxation on upcoming construction
  • Estimate additional taxes
  • Consider rental possibilites

Step 2 : Look for optimal financing

  • Assemble a portfolio and request financing
  • Find the best advance rates
  • Find the best interest rates
  • Optimise financing and taxation
  • Consider indirect amortisation solutions for real estate companies

Step 3 : Finalise the real estate acquisition

Whether in our offices, at the bank or notory, we will handle:

  • The signature of mortgage contracts and all other relevent documents
  • The technical and administrative coordination of all fund transfers
  • The complete processing of your portfolio