Choosing the right repayment plan is essential!


DL will advise you in making the right decisions based on your needs and desires

Which amortisation plan should I choose ?

What is the best formula for paying back debt in instalments? How can I progressively lower my debt and consequently, my loan interest, but still raise my tax burden (direct amortisation)?  How can I maintain the same amount of debt and interest in order to benefit from a low tax burden (indirect amortisation)?

Thanks to our simulations and advice, you will be prepared to choose the best amoritisation plan for your situation.

Comparing banks and 3rd pillar insurances

DL MoneyPark consultants will supply you with a comparison of bank offers and insurances available on the mortgage market. This overview will make your decision easier.

If you opt for indirect amortisation, you will have to contract a 3rd pillar bank or insurace company. In this case, our consultants will re-evaluate your retirement planning and if necessary, suggest other plans adapted to your situation.